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F*CK !!! public_html/megla.txt – “hacked by megla akash from Team_CC” – TROUBLESHOOT

Index 1 “Hacked by megla akash from Team_CC”1.1 public_html/megla.txt1.2 How the Hack …1.3 Skilled?2 TROUBLESHOOT2.1 Progress report / things I’ve done2.2 The Culprit2.3 How to fix2.4 How to prevent it3 Troubleshoot Addendum: how to tighten security (in a MAGICAL way) !!! Funny timing for this to happen As I was ‘bragging’ just a couple of […]

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My Virtual Office Space: *FEAST* Mode 2018 Update with Enterprise Graded Gear

Index 1 My Office Space introduction1.1 Less is More?2 Home Office Gear2.1 ‘EliteBook’¬†Workstation2.1.1 Basic specifications:2.1.2 Hardware Upgrades2.1.3 Scheduled Upgrade Path2.1.4 Operating System(s)2.2 ‘BlogBook’¬†Workstation2.2.1 Basic Specifications2.2.2 Operating System(s):2.2.3 Matching accessory list Chromebook2.3 ‘Experimental’ Workstation2.3.1 Basic Specifications2.3.2 Operating System(s):3 Home ‘MMX’ Studio4 Home Office Network4.1 1st (living space) floor4.2 2nd floor5 Accessories & other Gear5.1 Monitors5.1.1 AOC5.1.2 […]

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My Projects Progress (ToDo List and Changelog): January 2018

Index 1 My Projects progress: todo list / changelog1.1 High Priority1.2 Medium Priority1.2.1 Webhosting related1.2.2 API related1.2.3 My Virtual Office Space1.3 Normal Priority & Unsorted ToDo’s Right … last year was an interesting one with trying to launch all the projects on the roadmap. I didn’t fail … but didn’t quite succeed either. Many […]

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How to Prime Your Brain for Success While Washing Your Teeth

Watch John Assaraf’s (also feat. in “The Secret” documentary) personal story of growth, the lessons he learned early on in life, and how he went from robber to self-made millionaire by brushing his teeth. Share this video. Spread the motivation.

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