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ChromeBook ChromeOS or Linux Alternative to DreamWeaver App

Introduction: mind farts leading up to this So over the past 48 hours of fiddling around with Linux on my Acer C720P ChromeBook, having tried all the several distro’s from the Ubuntu stables, I find myself in favor of Ubuntu flavor Unity. Linux Alternative to Windows Apps Mind you, I didn’t really plan to run […]

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Why I migrated back from Linux to Windows

While I was enjoying the ‘good life’, Operating System wise speaking, by running CrunchBang. I had a few things to do in Windows. By investing in a SSD a month ago I can switch OSs within the hour(!). But why? have a few of my Dutch clients complaining the html forms at both OnsPlanB.NL and […]

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Linux ALSA sound stopped working :-/

I’ve had this problem a few times now. For a very odd reason, my sounds stops working. Restarting ‘alsa-utils’ won’t help. The only thing that did seem to help is rebooting. But hello … that’s such a ‘windows solution’! The proper way to go about it is: Open a terminal. Type: “sudo /etc/init.d/alsa-utils stop” and press […]

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Creating Music in Linux: MIDI, Soft Synts & Sequencing with VSTs

Once upon a time … I used to be fanatic on creating digital music. Although that’s all in the past, technology wise I’m still interested what’s available.   to be continued … (when I have more time … not now) Resources used to compile the list:

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TiMiDitY MOD Player & Audio for Linux

TiMidity++, originally and still frequently informally called TiMidity, is a software synthesizer that can play MIDI files without a hardware synthesizer. It can either render to the sound card in real time, or it can save the result to a file, such as a PCM .wav file. TiMidity++ primarily runs under Linux and Unix-like operating systems. Feature […]

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