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My Best Practices Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Server Configuration at TransIP VPS

Right … thus far things seem to work rather stable. Time for a little update how exactly I solved the WordPress Internal Server Error”-issue on my own self-hosted blog, as I dare to write a blogpost about it without the platform crashing Long answer very short: set up my own Linux webserver to bypass RAM […]

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F*CK !!! public_html/megla.txt – “hacked by megla akash from Team_CC” – TROUBLESHOOT

Funny timing for this to happen As I was ‘bragging’ just a couple of days ago, how my projects and servers are supposedly super secure in an article around bitcoin and cryptography, that I will link from ASAP (still has to be published). Well, turns out I make mistakes too. Upz. On the upside, I […]

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My Virtual Office Space: *FEAST* Mode 2018 Update with Enterprise Graded Gear

Been a while I wrote a “My Virtual Office Space”-update as extensive as I will now. note: updating regurarly. My Office Space introduction Although I featured the basic hardware specifications in this picture (from a different angle) on my FaceBook timeline already: … let’s dive a little deeper why I’m not unhappy with my curent hardware […]

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Server: Ferrari

Server specifications Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands (EU) VPS Specs: Xeon 2.4GHz, 1GB RAM, 25GB SSD Server OS: Ubuntu 16.04LTS Created: April 2017 @ Vultr In fact, this is the server I referred to in this picture (seen at Whereas the Quad core VPS server (you see bottom left) you can find more about here.  

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