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TP-Link WR703N / RaspBerry Pi alternative for building stand-alone Scrypt ASIC Miner ?

This question — I just asked myself — has been going back to my 1st ASIC miner farm article here. RaspBerry Pi alternative ? The best alternative to a RaspBerry Pi B is a TP-Link WR703N, or short 703N. The challenge being; it doesn’t seem to for sale in Europe. After a little Googling today […]

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Talk Fusion Review 2014 and FREE Alternatives

Alright .. this is an interesting story. If you are connected with Rhyker on LinkedIN, then you know that he has been with Talk Fusion before, left, reactivated, left, reactivated, left. And we’re back. And for very good and specific reasons. Cause Rhyker? Is a product junky. So it has to have superior benefits next […]

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Mobius Action Camera 1080P Full HD (30fps) Mini Sports Cam Review (GoPro Alternative)

While just writing the Dutch “Where To Buy” your GridSeed ASIC miner article, I ran into a reliable reseller at the Dutch equivalent of Ebay (MarktPlaats) also selling a pocket cam that seems to go to be true. Mobius Action Camera Product Information The Mobius ActionCam is everything you could ever ask for in a mini […]

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ChromeBook ChromeOS or Linux Alternative to DreamWeaver App

Introduction: mind farts leading up to this So over the past 48 hours of fiddling around with Linux on my Acer C720P ChromeBook, having tried all the several distro’s from the Ubuntu stables, I find myself in favor of Ubuntu flavor Unity. Linux Alternative to Windows Apps Mind you, I didn’t really plan to run […]

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note: this blogpost was meant to be published already in September 2017, but for (yet) undisclosed reasons gets published now  at 13th of March 2018. got Hacked? For the past few weeks, one of my favorite leads and internet marketing traffic sources has disappeared :( Didn’t think too much of it at first. Thought it […]

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