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My Projects Progress (ToDo List and Changelog): January 2018

Right … last year was an interesting one with trying to launch all the projects on the roadmap. I didn’t fail … but didn’t quite succeed either. Many people have absolutely no idea what it takes to pull it off! But as the late Steve Jobs once said: If you are working on something […]

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Creating a Bootable Mac OS X USB bootstick from within Windows? [SOLVED!]

So … as I was writing earlier today, had a 2007 white MacBook (model a1181) came in for ‘repair’ (more like a reinstall of Lion). Troubleshooting Mac OSX reinstallation The built-in recovery (key combination: ⌘ R) didn’t work (due to Apple ID login ‘bug’). Internet recovery (⌘ Option R) didn’t work either. Hmm … no problem (yet)! […]

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[NL] Hoe behaal je de meeste winst met Bitcoin en Litecoin?

Voordat we uitleggen wat mining precies is, heb je eerst basiskennis nodig wat Bitcoin is. Daar is een hele saaie formele uitleg voor, maar het is eigenlijk heel eenvoudig. Bitcoin is een (nieuwe) munteenheid. Netals Euro en Dollar. Verschil is, is dat het volledig digitaal is en gebruik maakt van decentrale P2P technologie (net als […]

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