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My Office Space: January – November 2016

There have been episodes in the past years where I changed my primary hardware configuration, literally, every month. But for the past 11(!) months nothing much has changed to my hardware setup, but — with a new month up ahead and almost having finished all empowered projects — there is a change of requirements […]

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[NL] Hackintosh (Mac OSX op PC hardware) laten samenstellen?

‘Hackintosh’ is een samenvoeging van Apple Macintosh en ‘Hacking’   Waarom is dit interessant? Once you go Mac, you never go back! Introductie Het Apple besturingssysteem; Mac OSX 10.9 Mavericks is het beste besturingssysteem wat er is (om met Steve Jobs woorden te spreken). Voordelen vanuit eindgebruikers opzicht gezien: virus vrij (dus ook geen virus scanner nodig), […]

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English Auto Blogging / PowerToolSubmitter for Mac – Installation Instructions

Quicklink to this howto @ Google Docs: What do you need, to get ENPTS (EN-PowerToolSubmitter) working on a Mac? Well … only 3 things, but Mac users are usually not ‘techies’. The challenge lays into the fact that ENPTS is Windows software. And a Mac is … a Mac. So it cannot run Windows […]

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I AM EXCITED; as a result haven’t had a lot of sleep! So apologies when I sound a bit ‘weary’ in this 17minute video showcasing our traffic source for our rotating matrix members, as well as tools we have in store for you to INCREASE TRAFFIC TO YOUR OWN BLOGS and/or websites. If you register through […]

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Customac Mac Mini Hackintosh Deluxe Desktop 2013 configuration

A week ago I did a blogpost on building a Mini Mac Pro Hackintosh. It now raises a new question … Mini compared to what?! Yes the supercool looking Bitfenix Prodigy cases are indeed smaller than a ‘traditional’ Apple Mac Pro case, but isn’t it strange that a case designed for a M-ITX mainboard? Has […]

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