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[SOLVED] Talk Fusion Video Email Upside Down in iPhone / App App?

You’ve downloaded the Talk Fusion app for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch. You just recorded a video, or imported a video from your library Selected a video template Just as you did in this video: Trouble in Paradise? But … your video is upside down? Now what?! Simple. Believe it or not … the […]

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Mobius Action Camera 1080P Full HD (30fps) Mini Sports Cam Review (GoPro Alternative)

While just writing the Dutch “Where To Buy” your GridSeed ASIC miner article, I ran into a reliable reseller at the Dutch equivalent of Ebay (MarktPlaats) also selling a pocket cam that seems to go to be true. Mobius Action Camera Product Information The Mobius ActionCam is everything you could ever ask for in a mini […]

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Can a ChromeBook with TouchScreen Replace an Apple iPad Retina?

Of course it can. Everything is possible! But do I want to? What You Cannot Do with ChromeBook What exactly can’t you do with a ChromeBook compared to iOS7? And I’m gonna be specific how I use my iPad Retina. Limitations compared to iOS7 no support for Skype … update: IMO.IM rulez! no support for […]

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Support your iPhone, iPad or Android Device with TeamViewer

YESS! YASSSSSSSSSSSSSS! We’ve been waiting for this for 2 years! But it’s here! Support your iPhone, iPad or Android Device with TeamViewer Get support for your iPhone, iPad or Android Device from any Windows or Mac computer! You can now receive technical remote support for your mobile devices. Technicians have the ability to chat, transfer […]

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ENV2: Empower Network version 2.0 Keynote Speech

  Quick recap for those who weren’t at the Empower Network Denver Event last weekend; ENV2: Empower Network v2.0 Keynote Speech (apologies for the poor recording quality! It  was recorded from the audience on an iPad) New Features Empower Network 2.0 ENV2 hottest new features 1) The biggest problem they’ve tackled is fixing the ‘Wordpress […]

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