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ChromeBook External USB Drive Encryption?

I was just thinking how cool it would be to have additional storage for my C720P chromebook (for offline webdevelopment and such), but … External USB Drive Encryption? Cause the risk of losing a nano usb thumbdrive is high, and I do not want to have my projects in the wrong hands. So let’s do […]

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Sandisk Cruzer Switch 64GB USB 2.0 PenDrive Review & Benchmarks (and Alternative Suggestions)

Yap! No matter how cheap or expensive, I always write reviews about everything I plan to use for a long time. Which in this case is a simple USB 2.0 pendrive. Presales phase And I usually also spend crazy amounts of time before buying something. But as I’m involved in a couple of high profile […]

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‘IC OverDrive’ Plugin Changelog

Introduction what ‘IC OverDrive’ is about … I’ve been connecting / interfacing systems for as long as I can remember, but it wasn’t unti 1st week of February 2016 when — after many years of interfacing with WordPress database directly — decided to start developing … My 1st WordPress Plugin!   Frequently Asked Questions about […]

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My Office Space July 2013 (Addendum): Benchmarks & Troubleshoot

My Office Space July 2013 Addendum After upgrading my Internet from 60Mbps to 150Mbps downstream earlier this month, I simply was expecting a massive performance increase when streaming video from my iPad (for example). But … it did not / no increase; still bad. Which is why I created this separate blogpost with the troubleshoot … […]

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