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Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet

My Office Space: August 2014 (Major ‘BadAss’ Goals Achieved)!

WOW! It was the “hardware jukebox”-show the past two weeks. Update 2Aug14: I finally figured out what it is I need and want hardware wise for the next few months to come. Read more about the due diligence here. Handheld devices Just 1, no tablets for me. Got something better for that. Read on … […]

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Connect Give Share Team Incentives for IC-Toolsuite, MAP, Stiforp and Talk Fusion

The attrition in our IC-Toolsuite team has been very high over the past few months (or retention very low) aka … people quit within 30-90 days. For the same as with all other opportunities to earn money online. They don’t know what they want (their goals), or what they bought. You need one of these […]

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My Software and Internet Tools Purchases: June 2014

I know for a fact there’s a large crowd out there, who would love to know which software tools I purchased or extended, so they can copy my success with them. And I made quite a few purchases this month. Why pay for software?! Why not pay for software? Cause if you don’t, and pursue […]

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‘Earn With Earnie’ – #IC4Life Testimonial – 2016

Hurray! Just noticed something neat in my IC backend (see picture): <<picture coming soon>> In case you find it difficult to read the text: 15K; perfect round number; Joined IC late in 2013 as a customer only. 1 year later started to build the biz. Built a huge frontline team in 2014. 14 out of 18 […]

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Rhyker Takes the Helm: At War with Time to Beat the Clock Fast & Furiously

Friday 13th May 2016 … Featured youtube comes from an artile I wrote in April 2012: The Value of Time Mr. Ernst Borgnine (starring in the first 3 seasons of Airwolf) passed away at the age of 95 years. Regretfully — as it turns out — isn’t everybody blessed with a long healthy life. […]

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