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Book Travel on a Budget (2015 Edition)

For 2015 I came up with a cool ‘tag’ line which is “Money Makes Travel Fun”. Places I’ve been to already Book Travel However when you don’t have the money to travel? Then what’s the point of joining a travel club? Including the invite-only type, which have a payplan attached to introducing other members; which is […]

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[NL] Wel de Voordelen van een Creditcard, Niet de Nadelen

Een pasje met alle voordelen van een credit card, maar zonder de nadelen. Dat is het Cash Passport van GWK Travelex in samenwerking met MasterCard. Met de kaart bewaak je eenvoudig het vakantiebudget en geef je nooit meer uit dan je hebt. Bovendien is er vrijwel geen risico op financiële schade bij verlies, diefstal of […]

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Connect Give Share Team Incentives for IC-Toolsuite, MAP, Stiforp and Talk Fusion

The attrition in our IC-Toolsuite team has been very high over the past few months (or retention very low) aka … people quit within 30-90 days. For the same as with all other opportunities to earn money online. They don’t know what they want (their goals), or what they bought. You need one of these […]

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ChromeBook ChromeOS or Linux Alternative to DreamWeaver App

Introduction: mind farts leading up to this So over the past 48 hours of fiddling around with Linux on my Acer C720P ChromeBook, having tried all the several distro’s from the Ubuntu stables, I find myself in favor of Ubuntu flavor Unity. Linux Alternative to Windows Apps Mind you, I didn’t really plan to run […]

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From Surfing the Web in Holland to Surfing the Sea in Gran Canaria

Last week got an email that said: I heard you weren’t in Holland? Well I am. Last trips outside the country were to Turkey (Feb 2013) and Chicago (April 13). But with all the blogposts going on in the past 24hrs? You shouldn’t be surprised to soon find me elsewhere … Surfing the Web a […]

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