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the asset none of us can have enough of … ????

As also shared on my FaceBook timeline and this mailchimp newsletter: the asset none of us can have enough of … ain’t money. It’s time. And we all got a choice how to spend that time. But what if … you would lose that ability? As due to all kinds of recent events over the […]

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New TeamBuilder Launch

At the 28th of September 2016 I released this document. Today I can share with you, that with everything I’ve done over the past 342 hours — coding, negotations, brainstorming with CEOs of multiple companies, heck I’ve even been working on stuff during my sleep, so make that 456 hours — there is going to […]

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Options4All December 2015 Changelog: Do or Do Not, There Is No Try

As shared on the admin’s personal wall on te 19th of December 2015: Right … I forgot count how many times I’ve (re)started, gave up, deleted it all, only to rebuild one final time. To kill it once and for all, then to join forces … and then pull the plug … and damnit it’s […]

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What If … Options4All Can Become a Reality after All in 2016 ?

Introduction Hi there! Depending on when you first visited this website in the past 3 years? A LOT has changed. And it all based on 1 thought … What is your Idea to Change the World ? What If … … we could leave something behind before ‘kicking the bucket’ based on a  ‘tell-a-few’ idea […]

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Empower Network EXIT (for me) Honest Review 2014 Update

“What?! Whyyy??!?!” Yeah, I thought about this long and hard. A sequence of events .. Can you really make money blogging with “The Blog Beast”? The release of “ENv2: The Blog Beast” back in October 2013, was an epic fail … both from a marketing as well as a technical implementation. I was glad David Wood did […]

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