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LR to STP with Exchanges Plus

ExchangesPlusTwo months ago I wrote about ExchangesPlus. While I made short mention of their debitcard, I ended up using the STP debitcard for paying -- for example -- my Success University membership.

A disadvantage of the STP debitcard is that it only can be funded using SolidTrustPay's own e-curreny payprocessor. My STP balance was depleted, however my LR balance has more than enough e-currency. Yet both are incompatible.

So I had two options: using manual exchange service through forums, or the e-currency exchange of ExchangesPlus. Decided to give the last option a try, after reading many good reviews.

Total cost: $48 / 9.6% ... which is less than using both GoldExchange and/or Swapgold from which the LR -> bankaccount costs 10% already, and then you would have to fund your STP through your bankaccount. Let alone the amount of time it would cost (5 days opposed to 2 hours). I hope this also answers  any questions why we endorse Exchanges Plus at ...

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