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iPad Software Synthesizers

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I've been around and about music composing basically all my life, had a huge semi-professional music studio, but how things change in life so did my inspiration. For more than a year I haven't really fiddled around with any sequencing, tracking or producing/composing music, but I definitely want to get into the music scene again when I've completely financial and money freedom (and I'm near to that). So in case anybody was wondering what the "music notes" are in the topleft corner of my visionboard ... then now you know. What's the best way though? Software synthesis? Hardware synths? Combination of both?

Then I was browsing the web tonight and found this Dutch user review of the Apple iPad and ...


It's clear as glass now; I MUST HAVE an iPad either iPhone 4! For more emotional reasons I could think of ... I know about the Korg Electribe-R software, but I didn't know how far progressed things are!  Warning: What you are about to see is mind blowing !!!





Also read "5 Reasons Musicians Should Get An iPhone 4". Fantastic isn't it?! Told ya Can't believe I've been missing out on some of those apps for 2 years already!
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