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What Happened To CGS? As Connect Give Share seems offline …

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I will tell ya what happened.

It's been offline for a while, cause to get better results, we have to build a better system.
CGS v3.0 is going to be magical. But it costs US (read: me; Rhyker) a tremendous amount of time. So if you cannot login at the moment? It's meant to be like that ...
If you can login, because you found a loophole? Myeah, don't bother, the new content hasn't been uploaded yet. But most questions we have coming in are going like this:
 "I cannot login anymore, and it tells me to create a new account?"
Ehhh no .. what it's saying is that you need to pre-enroll for free at CGS' co-founder account at (costs $40 one-time and $9.95/month afterward to earn up to 14 levels $2k per month without recruiting a single soul).
And the reasons for this will become clearer after the launch of the new CGS, which will be filled to the roof with specific hhowtoslike how to use these tools to build ANY business. Including the ones you currently have. Cause if you ain't making 500 USD / EUR per week in your current gig? You're doing something wrong. It has ZERO to do with an overly used term called "focus". Focus is about results. No results? Keeps you broke. And most of the time, it's because you don't know how to advertise, you don't know where to advertise, and you don't have the tools to advertise properly.
Stiforp provides those tools. But as with any tools? Having a hammer doesn't make you a carpenter, neither does having plunger make you a plumber. Common sense right? But get these tools, cause these babies can actually earn you money and will EXPLODE your income.
"Earnie ... you said that before!" Yeah ... I'm making money, with or without CGS, with or without you. But it's more fun with you. Cause again ... CGS ain't about me, it's about everybody getting results. And you get results FASTER if you follow our directions to the letter. So you do not get lost.
kind regards,
  Earnie 'Rhyker' Kasteleijn
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