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I'm aware I already send you my best wishes for xmas, but I would like to have you attention for the last time this year, before you gather with your families.
When I launched in 2006 (a 'HYIP monitor' and thus not affiliated to the USA government agency FBI being an acronym for my company back then Future Business Investments), my objective was to make a lot of money through the Internet investments, and yes that's possible, but not in a noble way. A typical HYIP / autosurf collapses within 3 months. The longer surviving ones usually within a year. The people that make the money are the monitors. 99.9% of monitors and online blogs on making money online, are making money -- but not through their own investments, but through referral commissions of your in-matured investments. I don't know about you, but that seemed dishonest, unethical and immoral to me. I didn't want to be associated with those malpractices; so I took a break.
When I relaunched as in August 2009, I had a vision of educating entrepreneurs on investments by disclosing my own portfolio. To show -- the 'Robert Kiyosaki cashflow clubs players, networkmarketers and realtors I hang out with on a daily basis -- that there are still a lot of viable investment opportunities out there after the (stock)markets, real estate and forex crashes.
Due diligence?
Being a worldwide opportunity expert is awesome, but knowledge ain't power, applied knowledge is power. Although the paradox might be in the "investment rule of diversification" there are a few things that have been bothering me for a while. Why is it ... that out of the about 20 solid investment programs on the internet right now ... for example GNI, GeniusFunds, Verifield, Panamoney, NanoMoneyCorp I haven't met a single investor in 3 years who invests more than $10,000 in these?
What does this mean for long term stability? I don't know. However I do know that out of 19 newsletters, more than 5 were about Quatro for a reason.
Success story
Quatro is the only investment company that I feel super confident about, that has a 14 year vision and plan to launch a new investment opportunity every 6 months (and has lived up to every single promise). Where I know investors who invested as little as 480EUR and as high as half a million. They have physical offices in Manchester UK and Sweden. A business associate (who I've worked closely with for 3 years in Forex business) met their CEO at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport hotel last October '09, last April '09 Quatro was present at the Dubai Direct Selling Association festival, they worked with reliable investment partners (G4 for Bio Oil for example), you can visit the cranberry fields, etc. It's all very credible.
The challenge being. How can I share my Quatro knowledge with you what I've accumulated in 1.5 years without going through the Quatro website maze of ? That's why we recorded this 27 minute webinar 2 weeks ago:
Moving to the next level
You don't have to be a financial guru to see the potential of the latest project "QCoopers".  We've got people in our team from all walks of life. A chemistry student from Finland, a 70-year old Herbalife representative (already earning a fortune in passive income a month) from Australia, networkers from Holland, a few entrepreneurs from the USA, a single mother from Czech.  Becoming a member is only possible through invite, thus you need my member ID (107061) and e-mail address (, and it's not free (basic membership costs 195EUR and includes financial investment prospects and VISA debitcard), becoming a networking member costs 510EUR and has benefits of 4 QCO participations of 60EUR each (total cost 750EUR). All fees are one time (no montly, no reoccuring). My team in Quatro is already bigger than the entire previous memberbase of ... yes you read that right.
That's why I quit running, and plug into the success of Quatro which is going to be my plan B (and a global opportunity). Secure your position in our Quatro network today, and reap the benefits in 2010. The previous are still solid, but I'm phasing them out of my portfolio. Upto you what you are going to do; listen to a bunch of kids on forums, blogs or follow what wealthy people do and provides them a stable zero worry income?
P.S. you can add me to Skype (my ID: rhyker2u) if you have questions that need answering to make a decision on Quatro.
P.P.S. I do know some of you have lost bigger amounts than $10,000 in for example Tradelite, TIRN, FinanzasForex. Clue: all these anonymous based companies are operating from within Panama. I hope you can belief one more time after seeing the Quatro presentation.
P.P.P.S. Being the final newsletter means that your subscription through our a-weber newsletter has been terminated. No need to opt-out or cancel anything.
Happy xmas and have a marvelous new year! Update early 2010: Quatro Group International Ltd. is not keeping their promises. They are still in business, but our entire marketing team has left the organisation. Fast forward 6 months; never received a refund. Total loss of personal investment: few 1000 euro (not just in Qcoopers, also Bio Oil and e-bank projects). A scam? No, mismanagement. In the end a company can only rise to the level of it's leadership.

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