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DELL laptop + #hackintosh =>

I know I know, it's been quiet for a while. Both on my blog, Twitter and FaceBook. That usually means something serious is going on! And there is!


I was doing computer engineering nerdy stuff. :o) As I once said and keep on saying: "Once a nerd always a nerd!" 
Always love to improve on things. Which is why I degraded myself from "crew manager" to "Forum & wiki Manager" to stay closer involved with the actualy content, instead of 'just' networking with people.
Having any title in any community is great, but living up to the promise is even beter. So I've spend the last few days working on collecting data for adding:


  And at the moment working at getting Triple Boot work: OSX Snow Leopard 10.6.8 + Win + #! (linux)

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tech pioneer | intellectual BadAss | ethical lifehacker | wordpress developer | information activist | blogger | added value services provider | multimedia enthusiast | senior linux server administrator | geek | bitcoin investor | laptop entrepreneur | tech support guru | open source contributor | hackintosh fanatic | charity donator | accredited top MLM networker & internet marketer 2014-2016 @ BFH | social networker ... actively documenting (again; since March 2018) about my geeky journey through life.
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Communities I have been 'hanging out' regularly over the past two decades. 

picture coming soon!

Note: links go to my profile on those respective sites. Connect with me if you like.

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