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Learning to fly a Helicopter!

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People who know me well, know that I've been CRAZY about helicopter all my life. Quick recap:

hmz ... and it seems a few other blogposts got lost. I'm pretty sure I did a special on of the Bell 222a chopper. Ah! Here it is ... in a Dutch blogpost of May 18th 2008. Let me translate it for you (as Google Translator makes a mess of it):

As a kid -- when the grass was still green & you could drink from a stream -- my dream was to become a helicopter pilot. The Airwolf (1984 action series) fantasy made the desire even stronger. Later on in life I pretty much played every (helicopter) flight simulator as well. In particular: AH-64 Longbow Apache and Novalogic Comanche RAH-66. First with the keyboard, then with a Saitek X-45, and a subsequent F-16 replica 'joystick' + TQS throttle (HOTAS) & rudder controller from Thrustmaster.

The "Airwolf" is a modified Bell 222 (A). People say it isn't made anymore. Well that's partly true. The manufacturer still exists and the latest model that matches the looks of Airwolf is Bell 430.

Purchase prices for (used) models start at approximately USD 6 million. Renting is also possible (in for example Greece): € 2600/hour. A reality check for my goals!

Footnote: it seems the Bell 430 has been taken out of production as well. Want to know which ones are available now?

Now the exciting stuff! While driving towards one of my EKPC.NL customers yesterday, to deliver his new custom-build computer I saw a helicopter at a field next to a HANGAR of a company called "Heli Holland". Just checked out their website:

The really cool stuff is in Dutch though: ... license for becoming a pilot! Popped them a message! Hope to get response at the costs soon!

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