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Best Performing SSD on a DELL Latitude D830 Hackintosh?

I've asked this question a few days ago at

I just love switching hardware often ... somehow. The last couple of weeks I again had 2 HP laptops (although all the same model) and 3 different desktop configurations. Gotta love cloud computing :) Don't know how to live without it anymore.

Anyway! I like my HP6910p. It's slimmer & lighter (thus more portable) and less expensive than a D630. Downside with HP6910p is no ability to swap the WiFi out for an Atheros/Broadcom (the BIOS just rejects it = can't boot then) and no support for SSD (has very freaky low 4K random reads then). So it won't run OSX and definitely have a need for a SSD.

I thougt about buying a macbook air or MBP this time. And yes had the Asus on my wishlist for while too. But ... I just hate chiclet keyboards. I can't type at lightspeed on them (as I recently found out) on Targus Apple iPad keyboard.

Still with me? Posted Image I don't need Core i-speed, just need fast drive access and C2D for CPU power suffices. And although a D630 is nice, a bitmore resolution 'juice' would be better. Long story short! I got my eye on a D830 T9300 ... but not sure yet what SSD to buy.

I need fast write speeds, but D830 has a SATA2 interface limitation. So Crucial M4s or Samsung 830 aren't the best value for the buck, or are they? So I'm thinking about getting a Intel 330 180GB SSD. Specs:

Lowest price in Olanda: €109. Good deal? Any compatibility issues I have to watch for? Or will it be perfect for a D830?


Update: and answered my own question; Intel 330 Benchmarks.

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