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Windows 8 Error 910 ESENT in event viewer + SOLUTION / FIX

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910 ESENT Problem

Anyone seeing piles of ESENT (id 910) warnings in Application log and/or experiencing random freezes that only seem to be fixable by cold reset? While it happens again on the next boot?

Troubleshoot / investigation

Some smart pants suggest it has something to do with ESET Anti-Virus: NOD32.

Not the case. Thorough description of the problem can be found at Microsoft's Technet

Quick solution / Fix

It seems like Windows Update Service is the problem. To fix it, go to control panel-troubleshooting and run Windows Update Repair, after the repair, remove the cached Windows Update files, you can do this by right-clicking on c: drive-properties-Disk Clean-up once it opens and scans the system, select Clean up system files, it will do another scan, select Windows Update Cache files and free the space, clean up the other unneeded files too. It looks like that fixes the problem.

 Unable to start disk cleanup? Start -> run -> cleanmgr

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