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Is the Elliot search engine mentioned in “Dexter” real?

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What is the Eliot Search Engine?

It's a search engine that's being mentioned in Dexter Season 6 Episode 8. Recap:

Is Dexter Hating on Google?



Not much I can do with 'intern puppy dog' watching my every move


You know, Google's kinda' Five minutes ago, right? Try Eliot. Yeah, it used to be targeted algorithm to aggravate content without [...] that CPC/CPM bullshit.


'Intern puppy dog' has skills.

Is the Elliot search engine
mentioned in "Dexter" real?

Well ... of course not But it's definitely a great way of product placement. And about a year ago the URL would still take you to a working "Masuka's Intern Program", a Dexter Facebook app, so it is an Easter egg of sorts and not an actual search engine.

Update 3rd of June 2013:

Is Google kinda' 5 minutes ago?

What IS real, is that this blogpost is ranked on the first page of Google, and is therefore attracting a lot of traffic. Did you know you can get paid to blog about these "trivial" things? I'm serious ... and I'm not talking about dollar cents either. Click here to get down to the facts ... as I'm sure you want to, if you're as much of a Dexter 'lover' as I am! Cause "this SEO Bullshit" ain't as hard as it seems ... and is going to be around for a while. So better get good at it ... IF you want to capitalize on IT!

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