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See who opens your emails and clicks on your links, with email tracking analytics and templates for Gmail. Yesware proclaims takes the guesswork out of email by instantly showing you when and how often your emails are opened.

Yesware? Email Tracking!

  • Know what happens after you click send with automatic email tracking right in Gmail.
  • Get notified when someone opens your email or clicks on your email links.
  • See where, when, and on what device your email was opened.

Templates: Save Time and See What Works

  • Create email templates inside Gmail to reuse again and again.
  • View detailed reports on which email templates get high open and reply rates.

Great for ...

  • Salespeople who want to close more deals, faster. Get real-time feedback on every opportunity.
  • Avid email users who want to be more productive.

How yesware email tracking works

Exactly! Cause ...

How the hack do they do it?!

Yesware uses the same pixel-beacon approach that email newsletter services use, applied to one-to-one communication. When you send an email using Yesware tracking, a pixel is embedded in your message. Once the recipient's email client or application loads the image, Yesware’s server gets pinged with the IP address, providing you with relevant information about where, when, and on what device your email was opened.

Summary: all good?

No ... there's a free and a paid version and the paid free version had a lot of bad reviews for the Chrome extension lately. Of course there's a firefox extension too, but Safari users miss the boat ... again.

Download link:

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