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WordPress Affiliate Link Keyword Replacement tool and opt-in plugin

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I've just stumbled upon another invaluable tool that will allow you to not only blog + drive traffic on autopilot, but also tag keywords and provide them with your referral link to anything you might want to promote (on a self-hosted WordPress blog). Mind you; we don't get paid in any way referring you to this ...

So we don't want you to spend money, because of us. We want you to spend the $37USD for a single site license, because we know you will earn it back in no-time! And then there are so many other great plugins (for a self-hosted WP platform) you are probably unaware about. Plugins that if you don't have them, are preventing you from a blogging breakthrough. If you like to access to all this knowledge for free? Then go go here to receive Rhyker's TOP 100 Best WordPress plugins (of this 90% of them are FREE). When you are brand new to blogging though? Or don't posses the skills to set one up? You can get upto 10 viral blogs incl.  unlimited hosting for only $25 when you click here.

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